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A resident in Staten Island, N.Y., thought he’d add some humor to the presidential election.

According to Staten Island Advance, Richard Hahl, 65, of Great Kills and his son saw a lawn sign on Facebook that the two thought was perfect when it came to the election. Hahl, who leans Republican, bought two of the signs, giving one to his son who lives in New Jersey. Then Hahl put the blue sign up in his front yard.

The sign reads, “Everybody Sucks 2016: The U.S is Doomed.”

Needless to say, the sign caught people’s attention. Hahl said people took photos of the sign, made people chuckle and has regulars stopping by to see it, SI Live reported.

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“I laughed like hell when I saw it,” Hahl told Staten Island Advance. “I saw this, I said, ‘This is too much, I have to get it’.”

Hahl told SI Live he’s unsure whom he’s going to vote for come November. He was advised not to put up any political signs in his yard because of vandalism. After living at his home for almost 40 years, Hahl put the sign up last month.

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“This way, I’m not slighting anybody, I’m slighting everybody,” Hahl told SI Live.

He said he appreciates how many people are enjoying the sign and cracking a smile from it.

According to, this isn’t the first time someone put up the sign this year.

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