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Restaurant founder with Down syndrome gives hugs for charity

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Tim Harris is showing just how profitable simple acts of kindness can be, one hug at a time.

The 28-year-old with Down syndrome recently held the second annual Hug-a-Thon at his restaurant in Albuquerque, N.M.  Tim’s Place, which markets itself as “the world’s friendliest restaurant,” certainly lived up to its slogan as Harris hugged 2,000 people and raised $13,000 in just four days.

The proceeds went to the Firefighters Random Acts, a nonprofit that gives firefighters the opportunity to further aid their neighborhoods through random displays of kindness.

Harris’ Hug-a-Thon began in 2013 after his family realized that his birthday (Jan. 21) also happened to be National Hug Day. Raising $6,000 from 1,000 hugs that year, Harris proved, and continues to prove, just how little it takes to truly make a positive impact in one’s community.

“This is so amazing,” Harris said at this year’s event. “I’m very happy. I have somebody here to love. Everybody, I love every one of you!”


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