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RI state senator tells Second-Amendment proponent to “go f*ck” himself

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bolton b and w

Ironically, the senator works in hospitality. - Carolyn

Rhode Island state senator Josh Miller (D-Cranston, Warwick) and his apparent cameraman — though henchman may be more appropriate in this case — told Dan Bidondi of Truth Radio Show to “go f*ck” himself after the conservative talk-show host asked for comment on Second-Amendment rights, according to a video posted to YouTube Monday.

“Go f*ck yourself,” Miller said, his cameraman repeating the same in prompt succession prior to a March 18 legislative hearing on numerous anti-Second-Amendment bills then being introduced at the Rhode Island state house.

The conservative radio host asked his listeners Monday to rethink their selection of Sen. Miller as a state legislator.

“Voters, ask yourself ‘Would you want to re-elect a foulmouthed anti-constitutional, Second-Amendment-hating senator?'”

Miller ironically works in the hospitality industry, according to his bio published on


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