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Dumpster diving is a way to get free furniture, but have you ever thought to dumpster dive behind your favorite store? Stores sometimes throw away products that you would have spent good money on if you pulled them off the shelves. Finders keepers, right?

(Side note: be sure to check the laws in your area to make sure this is legal where you live.)

Sometimes retailers throw good products in the trash because they can’t sell them. Returns and samples, as well as products that come in damaged, can all end up in the trash. Usually, employees will douse the products in foundation to render them damaged, but it’s easy to wash off if you really want it.

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These girls frequent the dumpster behind their local Ulta and often find hundreds of dollars of perfectly good product. Watch to learn the tips and tricks for getting new makeup for free. Now the questions are: Would you do it? And would you use makeup you got out of the trash?

Watch to see what they find!

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