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Let’s talk about the five leading ladies from 90s television who inspired me to become the badass bitch I am today.

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1. Murphy Brown

She was an investigative reporter, she didn’t take any crap, and she was very progressive. Her show covered single motherhood in a time when it was still somewhat taboo.

2. Designing Women

The Sugarbaker sisters — they had an interior design firm; it was all women and one man (who was also in the movie “Mannequin”)!

Julia Sugarbaker was my favorite. It was because (again, there’s a theme here) she’s no-nonsense, not pulling any punches.

3. Cybill Shepherd

I always watched “Moonlighting” with my mother.

The dynamic that you see between my colleague Tyson and me is Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. They fought like cats and dogs. However, they ended up having a love affair, which is something Tyson and I will not do.

4. Joan Rivers

Another show that I watched all the time was “The Joan Rivers Show.” She had a talk show, and I just thought she was hysterical.

5. Angela Bower

On “Who’s the Boss?” widower and former baseball player Tony Micelli takes a job as housekeeper for a divorced, high-powered businesswoman, Angela Bower, and her son. Tony and his daughter, Samantha, move into the Bower home, where his laid-back personality contrasts with Angela’s type A behavior,

That’s, like, the best premise of a show ever.

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