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She has the secret to getting all those big cleaning projects done easily.

In addition to daily cleaning and weekly cleaning, there are those pesky projects that are always in the back of your mind — and things like reorganizing the bathroom or making sure all your dresser drawers are tidy are definitely not the way you want to spend a Saturday. But they do need to get done.

Thanks to this YouTube video from HowJenDoesIt, we now have the perfect solution: zone cleaning.

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The idea of zone cleaning is to break up your deep cleaning tasks into weekly zones, so you can get the whole house done over the course of a month or two. Jen adds an extra 15 minutes of deep cleaning to her normal morning routine every day and works in a different zone each week. So over the course of six days, she spends a total of an hour and a half deep cleaning in just one room.

It’s such an easy way to get those pesky problem projects out of the way. Everyone has an extra 15 minuets a day, especially if it means not having to clean for four hours on a Saturday.

Here are the zones she uses:

  • Zone 1 – Kitchen part 1
  • Zone 2 – Kitchen continued plus dining room and breakfast nook
  • Zone 3 – Master bath and half bath
  • Zone 4– Master bedroom, closet and dresser
  • Zone 5 – Living room, entryway and coat closet, patio and front porch

So every five weeks, she has successfully deep cleaned her entire house.

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Obviously, you will need to customize it to fit your own home. It also helps to make a list of specific tasks you want to tackle in each zone. That way, you’ll never miss any tasks without having to keep track of them all in your mind or rely on what you feel like doing that day. Habits, tracking, and zones are the keys to a clean house.

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