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Shocking footage taken by Keith Lamont’s Scott’s wife, Rakeyia Scott, shows the moments leading up to her 43-year-old husband being shot and killed by police officers in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tuesday.

The video begins with Scott’s wife urging police not to shoot her husband and claiming that he is not armed. Rakeyia Scott then pleads with her husband to follow officers’ instructions.

“Keith, don’t let them break the windows! Come on out of the car,” she can be heard screaming. “Keith, don’t do it!”

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Immediately after she yells “Keith, Keith, Keith — don’t you do it,” four gunshots ring out.

“Did you shoot him?” she screams. “Did you shoot him? Did you shoot him? He better not be fucking dead. He better not be fucking dead.”

While police check on Scott’s condition, Rakeyia Scott can be heard calling 911 and explaining the situation.

Though the Scott family still contends that Scott was not armed during the altercation, new evidence suggests that Scott’s DNA and blood were on a gun recovered at the scene.

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