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Should we just start calling it “Nobamacare”?

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More Obamacare delays, and Herman Cain is calling this one “Nobamacare.”

The employer mandate for medium sized companies (50-100) has been pushed back until 2016, while large companies get a slight break.

You know what this is about? “Politics. If you push it off for another year for medium and large size companies … that gets you past 2014.”

According to Foxnews reports this is the 27th delay of Obamacare.

But there are also pay cuts coming due to Obamacare. There will be a one percent pay cut for all Americans, which, if you take a median level salary, will mean 500 less dollars to work with. In the aggregate, that is for the entire nation, that’s about 17 billion lost annually.

Have a listen.

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Herman Cain is a businessman and former Republican presidential candidate. Follow him on @THEHermanCain


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