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Michael Strahan is ready to talk about all of the drama surrounding his departure from “Live.”

In a new issue of PEOPLE (on stands Friday), Strahan relives those final few weeks on the show and shares details of his relationship with former co-host Kelly Ripa.

“The most disappointing thing to me was that I was painted as the bad guy, because I value the way I carry myself,” Strahan said.. “I don’t want people to see me as ‘Oh, he just ran out, just left them there.’ That’s just not true.”

When Strahan announced he was leaving in April, Ripa was so upset, she took an extra two days off to process the change. Later, news broke that she hadn’t been told about the decision before it went public.

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When she returned to the show, she told the audience that she took the time to “gather her thoughts.”

Executives of the show decided to let Strahan go in May rather than keep him through the summer. There has been a rotation of guest co-hosts alongside Ripa as they continue to search for a proper replacement.

“I wasn’t surprised by her reaction at all, but I can’t control somebody else’s actions. I was there four years, and it’s about more than just being in front of the camera,” Strahan said. “At one point I think we were friends. I don’t know what happened at the end. I learned a lot from her, though.”

It doesn’t seem like things have been great between the former co-hosts since.

“Toward the end of it all, we didn’t really communicate that much,” Strahan revealed. “I kinda looked at it like, ‘It was what it was.’ I come from a business where you have to collaborate. The show was going well? We’re all winning. That’s all that matters to me.”

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