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Single, millionaire liberal women prefer conservative husbands

Photo on 8-23-13 at 3.01 PM

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Neal Boortz has found that 77 percent single, liberal millionaire women — 82 percent overall — polled on millionairematch.com would prefer a conservative man.

“Why?” Boortz queried. “Because they want a man with ambition.”

One woman purportedly answered, “I want to be with a man who is ambitious. Liberal men simply aren’t as ambitious. Conservative men are real men. They are the breadwinners, the wear the pants and they treat you like a lady.”

Only 10 percent of these women said they would prefer a liberal man — “Maybe like the pajama boy guy on the Obamacare commercials,” Boortz quipped.

Photo on 8-23-13 at 3.01 PM

Neal Boortz is a former attorney, a talk show host and a New York Times best-selling author. Follow him on Twitter @Talkmaster


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