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As the election approaches, pieces of art of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have been popping up.

The Los Angeles artist and sculptor identified as “Ginger” and the American Activist Collective INDECLINE created the Donald Trump statue that was vandalized in Las Vegas, Nev., earlier this week, KSNV News3LV reported.

The statue was covered in graffiti and was seen broken into pieces.

Deborah Farinaro, a resident in the area, told the station that she went out early to see the statue and was disappointed when she saw what was done to it.

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“I think it’s very sad that it was vandalized. It’s a very sad representation of people’s own personal opinions. They should not have to vandalize or desecrate other people’s opinions,” Farinaro told KSNV News3LV. “Everybody’s right to representation is just that: it’s their right. And to destroy other people’s opinions or rights – I believe that’s wrong.”

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The statue was taken away from the scene on a golf cart.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a version of the Donald Trump statue has been seen, as one popped up in NYC in August. Others have appeared in several other cities as well.

What a YUGE disappointment in Las Vegas.

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