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A Texas man’s tongue-in-cheek obituary is making headlines for its references to “his rickety old body” and love of scotch.

According to Houston’s KPRC, after 74-year-old Howard Wayne Neal of Lolita died Sept. 11, his son, Eric, decided to pay a humorous tribute to his late father, known as Wayne.

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“Wayne Neal has exited his rickety old body, having lived twice as long as he expected and way longer then [sic] he deserved,” Eric Neal wrote in his father’s obituary, which appeared in the Victoria Advocate. “He often wished in his later years that he had not treated his body like a Tavern [sic].”

Eric described his dad as “a modest man who very seldom bragged about all of his treasures on Facebook.”

“By the Way [sic], who the hell taught him about Facebook?” Eric wrote.

Wayne also “had a passion for old cars, scotch, his construction company, scotch, travel and oh yeah scotch. Did we mention scotch?” Eric wrote.

Wayne “is survived by his favorite son Buddy and another kid, some grandchildren, a few more great grandchildren, a trilogy of brothers, and one sister,” Eric added. KPRC reports that Buddy was Wayne’s dog.

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