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Louis Lombardi thinks the world has bigger fish to fry.

A Walmart in Florida was under fire after they built a 20-foot display made from soda cases depicting the Twin Towers in front of the American flag. The display caused a social media firestorm when people called Walmart out for being insensitive to the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.

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Native New Yorker and “Sopranos” star Louis Lombardi responded to the outrage in an interview with TMZ.

“Why should it be disrespectful? They are honoring one of the worst tragedies in our nation’s history. What could they be upset about? Let them find something else to be upset about,” he said. “That’s why our country is so politically correct. Because of crap like that, which I think is a joke. I think that’s a tribute and an honor.”

Lombardi continued, “I love it. Not just being a New Yorker but as an American.”

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