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Starbucks refused to serve this disabled veteran and his service dog


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A Starbucks in Texas is facing the wrath of some after the coffee chain denied service to a disabled veteran who required a service dog to enter the store. Yancy Baer, a veteran of the U.S Army had his left leg amputated from the knee down after developing bone cancer in Iraq in 2009. Baer was riding through Texas with his service dog, Verbena, to share his story of recovery.

After stopping at a local Starbucks, Verbena and Baer were met at the door by a hostile employee who informed Baer he couldn’t let them inside. After explaining that his dog was a service animal, the employee could only point out the fact that Baer isn’t blind. The employee later apologized for his hurtful actions.

From KHOU:

“People with disabilities, you can’t always see those disabilities. You never know what a service dog is for,” said Baer.

Baer was wearing pants at the time. He believes the employee wouldn’t have made such a big deal had he been wearing shorts.

He hopes others learn that a person with a service dog doesn’t need to have an obvious or visible disability.

“Be careful about who you approach and how you approach it. You’ve got to be sensitive to people,” said Baer. “This isn’t acceptable. It can’t be acceptable.”

Baer says he holds no hard feelings toward Starbucks as a company.


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