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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump dominated in the five key states that voted on Tuesday, in crucial contests across the nation.

Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio all voted as part of the “Super Tuesday” contest that has 367 delegates at stake for the Republican candidates. There were 99 delegates at stake for the Republican candidates in Florida, 69 delegates at stake for Republicans in Illinois, 52 delegates at stake in Missouri, 72 delegates at stake for Republicans in North Carolina, and 66 delegates are available for Republicans in Ohio.

Republican contenders need 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump won Florida, taking 99 of the total 99 available delegates available to Republicans in the state. Trump won over Marco Rubio in home state of Florida–pushing Rubio to suspend his campaign for president.
John Kasich won his home state of Ohio, taking the full 66 available delegates in the state for Republicans.
Donald Trump won in North Carolina, taking 29 of the total available 72 delegates for Republicans. Ted Cruz won 26 delegates, Kasich won 9 delegates, and Rubio won 5 delegates in North Carolina, though he suspended his campaign Tuesday after his loss in Florida.

Donald Trump won in Illinois, taking 24 of the 69 total available delegates for Republicans in the state.
Donald Trump won in Missouri following a close race with Ted Cruz.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battled in the five states in order to win 793 delegates on Tuesday. Democrats need 2,383 to win the nomination.

Clinton won Florida, taking 124 of the total 214 delegates available to Democrats in that race. Sanders gained 69 delegates in the state.
Clinton won in North Carolina, winning 59 delegates of the 107 delegates available to Democrats in that race. Sanders won 42 delegates.
Clinton won in Ohio, winning 75 of the total 143 delegates available for Democrats. Sanders won 54.
Clinton won in Missouri, taking 2 delegates from the state.
Clinton won in Illinois, taking 66 of the total 156 delegates available to Democrats in that state. Sanders won 64.

Total delegate counts:

Trump: 621
Cruz: 396
Kasich: 138
Rubio: 168 (before dropping out)

Clinton: 1,561
Sanders: 800

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