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If you were a fan of slumber parties as a kid, you may remember daring your friends to go into the bathroom, turn off the lights and whisper “Bloody Mary” into the mirror three times. Like the makers of “The Conjuring 2,” you were probably trying to creep your friends out for a bit of fun. Unlike the movie makers, you probably didn’t build an elaborate set piece with a hidden room behind the mirror so you could have an actress dressed as a creepy nun ambush whoever was unlucky enough to fall for your scheme. But hey, these pranksters are professionals.

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After a warehouse showing of the movie, the pranksters brought several viewers into their specially constructed room for an interview, leaving them alone for a few minutes to prepare. As each guest took a moment to check their reflection in the mirror, the creepy nun from the movie appeared in the glass, baring her teeth. Then, once the victim was done with their initial bout of shrieking, they saw that the nun was in the room with them, leading to a whole new spasm of terror. The plan went off without a hitch for most of the victims, except for the last one, who showed some great horror movie survival instincts. If you have something, throw something.

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(H/t Gizmodo)