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Want to know what it looks like to use only designer makeup? A whopping $3,000 later, this woman shows us exactly how luxe it can be.

Beauty YouTuber Tati uses the most expensive products she has to build a makeup look.

She starts with a $350 mask that has diamonds in it. The foundation she uses is $220, but many of the other products are under $100. The blush, however, is an exception at $170, but the actual blush is contained in a bowl full of rose petals, so the price seems a little more justified.

Youtube screenshot
Youtube screenshot

She calls many of the products her favorites, which isn’t hard to understand. But she says some of the products aren’t worth the money.

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If you need some designer product recommendations or just some makeup inspiration, watch to see what she thinks about all these pricey products. Plus, find the full list of products below the video.

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