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It’s safe to assume this is not how one brazen thief thought his master plan would turn out. A man broke into a YMCA in Indio, California to steal cash from a register, only he would up getting away with nothing but a pile of phony money.

Both the cash and the register were fake.

According to KESQ-TV, security camera footage shows the man breaking into the YMCA Child Development Center through a ceiling duct. He is then seen escaping with the “cash” out the door.

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The thief is still at large, but the Indio Police say that thieves like this tend to have an MO and repeat their behavior — which could allow them to capture the perpetrator at a future point in time.

“Thieves tend to have specific MOs with stuff that they follow and stuff that they get comfortable with,” said Sargent Dan Marshall. “They don’t get caught doing it once and they figure, hey, it’s a tried and true method and then they stick to it.”

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