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This 14-year-old left a very special message for his sick mother


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This has been an especially harsh winter around the country, but some are using the cold weather as a way to warm hearts.

In Chicago, a message in the snow was found atop a parking deck across the street from Rush University Medical Center. The message, presumably for a patient at the hospital, reads simply “Hi Mom, God Bless U.”

Surgical ICU nurse Angela Washek said, “We saw people on the roof running around. We didnʼt know what was going on and about half an hour later I looked out and there was this big message out there…It was really heartfelt. It was a lot of effort and it was really cold that night. And those letters are huge. Theyʼre about two car lengthsʼ long.”

As it turns out, the message was left by 14-year-old William Hart after his mother had a rough day of chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukemia. “My son has never done anything like this before,” said Hart, 48. “He is a very caring child and very loving. But a message this big, he didnʼt think about. He acted on instinct and from what was in his heart. Iʼm glad so many people got to see the message and that it touched so many. It shows how big God is.”

The message was visible from the 9th floor on up, and brightened a lot of days. Deb Song, a hospital spokeswoman said “It gave a lot of hope to people and put things into perspective… The gesture was so simple, but so creative and nice.”

Snowy messages have also been left for patients at St. Cloud Hospital in Minnesota, with people leaving message on the frozen Mississippi River. Every time there is fresh snow, a man and woman take to the river in snowshoes to create messages such as “love” and “believe” to lift patientsʼ spirits.

I love the idea of using the cold to warm somebodyʼs day. How are you going to put the snow to good use?


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