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This 3-year-old girl taught herself a foreign language using parents’ iPad, joins Mensa

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A 3-year-old Arizona girl used an iPad to teach herself Spanish and is now the youngest member of her state’s chapter of IQ society Mensa.

The genius, Alexis Martin, reads at a 5th-grade level and her IQ is more than 160 — greater than that of most Americans, reports the Atalanta Journal-Constitution.

According to ABC, Alexis’ father, Ian, said he noticed his then 1-year-old little girl was exceptional when, during car rides, she began reciting bedtime stories from the night before.

Though thrilled with their daughter’s talent, Alexis’ parents aren’t sure whether to send her to school right away.

“Does she go into kindergarten early? We are kind of hesitant because we do want her to to get that social aspect,” Alexis’ father told ABC.


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