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A targeted explosion injured 29 Manhattan residents on Saturday night.

The New York Police Department soon identified Ahmad Khan Rahami as a person of interest in connection with the initial bomb, an undetonated bomb and another explosion in New Jersey.

Rahami was taken into custody on Monday after a shootout with police officers.

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The New York Post reported the story of the New Jersey bar owner who led authorities to Rahami.

Around 10:30 a.m., Rahami was found sleeping outside of Merdie’s Tavern in Linden. He was hiding in plain sight.

Mechanic Chris Ricco thought Rahami was homeless.

Bar owner Harinder “Harry” Bains attempted to wake Rahami, but Rahami responded by shouting, “Go fuck yourself! I’m sleeping.” When Bains got a better look at Rahami’s face, it struck him as familiar.

Bains had followed the news reports about the New York and New Jersey bombings that weekend. The man outside of his bar looked exactly like the person of interest in both attacks. “Who in the world would think this wanted terrorist was loitering like a homeless man outside my bar?” he later asked.

In an attempt to keep Rahami from leaving, Bains said that the bar would not be open for another hour. He called police officers shortly after.

The officers would soon arrive, leading to a shoot out between them and Rahami. He was taken into custody afterward.

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