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Comedian Jackie Mason is no stranger to letting people know exactly what he thinks about them, and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s cough means she’s open season.

During an appearance on AM 970’s “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” Mason shared a theory about Clinton’s coughing fits:

I noticed that the coughing spells come at very strange times, depending on what the issue is and what the question is. When she’s ahead in the polls, the coughing never showed up. Now, all of the sudden, as she is slipping lower […] the coughing is getting louder and louder.

Mason said that her cough was also noticeable during certain kinds of interviews. “If it’s a very hard question, you hear a fantastic cough,” he concluded, “And when the question is a little more pleasant, there is likely less coughing.”

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Clinton’s cough has recently been a topic of discussion for members of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign. Even Trump surrogate and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is peddling rumors of Clinton’s poor health. But they have a theory that Clinton is in danger of dying soon, something she was supposed to do back in April, according to a National Inquirer article from October 2015.

Clinton’s campaign previously released a statement about her health.

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Regardless, Mason had this advice for Clinton: “Anybody who can’t talk without lying shouldn’t see a doctor,” he said. “She should see a psychiatrist.”

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