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This corporation reminds us that — for every bad thing in the world — there is this much more good

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Your move, Pepsi. - Carolyn

Coca Cola kicked off part of its worldwide upbeat “Reason to Believe” campaign Dec. 26 by posting to YouTube a commercial airing in Ireland.

“There are millions of reasons to believe in a better world,” opens the Coca-Cola spot. “For everyone who says things will get worse … there are 1000s of Mums baking cakes,” the video reads as school children sing in the background.

“For every grey day … there’s one we live in full color. For every person running from the law … there are 100s more running for a cure.”

The video received nearly 30,000 views as of Friday.

Comments on the video have been disabled, according to a message at the bottom of the YouTube page.


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