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This courageous little boy will receive a hero’s funeral


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The little boy who made headlines this month for perishing in a mobile-home blaze after alerting the rest of his family of the fire will receive a funeral fit for a hero. Tyler Doohan was only 8-years-old when he died trying to rescue his disabled uncle from the late-night blaze. At present time, Tyler’s remains are kept company by a ceremonial honor guard of local firefighters. The little hero will be named an honorary firefighter and his parents will receive a special helmet emblazoned with his name. Following Tyler’s death, the local fire company received calls from firefighters around the country wishing to do something for the little boy.

From CNN:

At the service, firefighters from multiple fire departments will stand at attention in formal “Class A” dress uniforms with bagpipers playing — the hallmarks of a traditional firefighter’s funeral, Ebmeyer said. There will be no funeral procession at the family’s request.

“We want to honor him in a way family and friends will remember and look at him as a hero,” Ebmeyer said. “He should be looked at as going above and beyond, even putting his life in danger… This is what firefighters do.”


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