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This poor guy!

The YouTube team over at Cot Dammit Elizabeth have given us another gem from the day in-the-life of Elizabeth’s boyfriend.

In this LOL-worthy clip, Elizabeth and her boyfriend enjoy another wild night out that is full of chaos. At one point, Elizabeth goes missing and her boyfriend finds her chowing down on a slice of pizza with other girls in the ladies bathroom.

Once he gets her out of the bathroom, Elizabeth gets herself into even more trouble when she goes onstage at the club and pours drinks all over the stage!

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The couple is then escorted out of the club by security and that’s when things get worse. Elizabeth is pretty angry over a slice of pizza and winds up attacking a girl and pushes her into a pond.

“Get your girl, man! She’s wearing a white shirt! This isn’t ‘Wild ‘n Out!'” he yells as he pulls Elizabeth out of the pond. “Elizabeth! Stop! For a slice of pizza, you’re going to fight a chick?!”

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