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There are many times within Joey+Rory’s story when the ordinary fan doubted that they could muster the strength that the Feek family has demonstrated since Joey’s death back in March.

How do they keep smiling through the pain? How are they not angry with God for taking their wife, their mom, their daughterand their sister away much too early? How do they look toward the future when the past still hurts?

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Perhaps, it’s because they seem like the type of people who can see the beauty in life as much as they can understand the beauty of death. And it’s this realization that is evident in each and every thing they do to mark not only Joey’s life, but also her passing.

In a Sept. 17 post on his blog, Rory Feek reflects on the recent occasion where the family got together to celebrate what would have been Joey’s 41st birthday.

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“Joey’s daddy had parked his truck in the driveway and headed straight out to the cemetery,” Rory explained. “He’d said hello to us, but we all knew where he wanted to be. Where he needed to be. With his little girl. So we all let him have his time. Then with the sleep now out of Indy’s eyes, the rest of us all walked through the back field together and joined Jack in the grass in front of the simple wooden cross with my wife’s name on it. Again talking and remembering Joey and the gift that she was and is to all of us. We told stories and laughed and felt strangely closer to her, just by being closer to each other.”

Later that evening, they joined again together with more family and friends to send up lanterns into the dark Tennessee sky. “And then as the sun began to set, we all took our chairs into the back field and together, we made one of my most favorite memories of all time,” said Rory. “A few neighbors and their children joined us as we lit lanterns for Joey and sent them high up into the sky as the sun disappeared behind the grove of trees where Joey is buried. It wasn’t just beautiful… it was magic…”

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