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The British game show “University Challenge,” hosted by quiz master Jeremy Paxman, is billed as a competition between teams representing institutions of higher learning. As the show’s season progresses, the teams seek to knock each other out and advance on to the next round, and eventually a champion is crowned. While some college kids might consider a quiz challenge to be a way to blow off some steam and have a good time with their friends, one Oxford masters student showed up ready to give it his all.

Eric Monkman, an economics student who hails from Canada, seemed extremely dialed-in during the “Challenge.” Whenever he answered, he did so very expressively, and he may not have even needed a microphone. It’s clear that he knew his stuff and wanted to make sure his team didn’t go home losers.

Check out his game face. Monkman may be an academic, but he’s got a competitive streak to match Kobe Bryant. Don’t mess with him at the buzzer.

(H/t Mashable)