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In the three-part interview series with Dr. Phil, Burke Ramsey is speaking out about the death of his younger sister JonBenét for the first time in 20 years.

Ramsey, now 29, tells Dr. Phil about what he remembers the morning his mom discovered JonBenét was missing.

“The first thing I remember is my mom bursting in my room really frantic, saying, like, ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,’ running around my room, looking for JonBenét,” Ramsey says.

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“I remember her saying, ‘Where’s my baby? Where’s my baby?’ … The next thing I remember is a police officer coming to my room and shining a flashlight.”

JonBenet Ramsey AP File
JonBenet Ramsey AP File

He told Dr. Phil there was less than an hour in between his mom coming into the room and the police arriving.

JonBenét was missing, and found later that day dead in the basement of her home, having been struck in the head and strangled.

While no one has ever been charged for her murder, the parents and brother have all been casted as potential suspects by the media and public opinion.

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Burke Ramsey is hoping this interview all these years later can put to rest the conspiracies about his family and help people remember his sister more fondly.

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