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As a mom of two, I know exactly how a woman wants to be treated in the days and weeks after giving birth.

This video is for everyone out there whose significant other has recently had a baby.

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Everything around the house — laundry, cooking, dishes, you name it. She’s exhausted and will be so grateful for the help.

Help her. She may need help going to the bathroom. And she may have some questions about her breast milk, so be ready to answer them!

Do not:

Touch her torso. Hand, foot and head massages are fine (and welcomed!), but avoid the area between the shoulders and the thighs for a little while. (And forget about intimacy — she just pushed a human being out of her body!)

Wake her up, unless she tells you to.

Complain. No matter what you’re going through, keep in mind that she just had a baby. Push your feelings down; she doesn’t want to hear about them right now!

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