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Morgan Lawrence broke into tears in a Syracuse, New York courtroom on Thursday as Onondaga County Court Judge Anthony Aloi recounted the brutal murder of Morgan’s 21-month-old daughter Maddox at the hands of the girl’s father.

On February 20, 24-year-old Ryan Lawrence hit Maddox with a baseball bat before tossing her body into a fire pit along with the bat and burning them for hours. He then removed her remains from the pit, tied them to a cinder block and dumped it into a nearby creek.

On Thursday, Lawrence pleaded guilty to his heinous crime and received a 25-year-to-life sentence for first-degree murder, reports.

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The case was set to go to trial on October 31, but Onondaga County prosecutor Jeremy Cali and defense lawyer Michael Vavonese were able to reach a deal after an hour of convening with Aloi and Maddox’s family.

The plea deal, which Maddox’s family agreed to, will see that Lawrence will spend all 25 years in jail before appearing in front of a parole board.

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