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One Atlanta teacher is facing criticism on social media for an outfit she wore to school.

The Root reported that Patricia Brown, a fourth-grade teacher at a public school in Atlanta, wore a form-fitting dress in class and the now-deleted photo of her outfit, which was posted on her public Instagram page, went viral.

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A quick scan of Brown’s Instagram page shows that photos of her outfits worn to work are fairly similar: she typically pairs knee-length, high-neck dresses with flats or heels and sometimes a cardigan, blazer or sweater, but the attention Brown has received for her clothes has led to many of them being deleted.

The Daily Dot reported that the picture being criticized on Twitter — which launched the hashtag #teacherbae —  and Instagram was deemed inappropriate, but some came to Brown’s defense, saying that certain dresses may look a particular way on her because she has a curvy figure.

Some on Twitter criticized the focus on Brown’s clothes rather than her work as a teacher, and others blamed a culture of sexualizing women.

“I just wish they would respect me and focus on the positive and what truly matters—which is educating the children of the future generations and providing and caring for them,” Brown told The Daily Dot.

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