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Ali Caldwell blew everyone away with this blind audition on “The Voice.”

Caldwell performed a gorgeous rendition of “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande, and almost immediately, Adam Levine wanted her on his team. As Caldwell got into the music, Levine stood and watched in awe.

Of course, his frenemy Blake Shelton couldn’t handle the competition and had to turn his chair around, too. Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus quickly followed suit.

“I am so blown away. I am not speechless, because I won’t shut up,” Levine said.

“Clearly, you are not speechless,” Shelton teased.

Keys asked Caldwell what inspired her to pursue music and was completely moved by her answer.

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“I grew up in church. This is where I found out that I was born to really do this. This is my love and my passion,” Caldwell said as Keys approached the stage and hugged her.

At this point, Levine couldn’t stand losing another contestant to Keys.

“The good news is your driver is here,” Shelton said as Levine approached the stage.

“I am her driver, and I am ready to drive her all the way to the top!” Levine threatened. “What I want to tell you is: you are it. You are it!”

In the end, Caldwell ended up with Miley Cyrus to coach her this year.

Cyrus was so excited to have Caldwell on her team, she moonwalked all the way up to the stage and hugged her newest team member. She couldn’t help but gloat, either.

“I just won the show!” she said as she danced around the stage.

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