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Any responsible adult will advise children to stay away from illegal substances. This parents took the opposite approach, and it has landed him in jail.

In a video shared to Facebook, it appears that an Arkansas man is teaching a three-year-old how to smoke marijuana.

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“Police identified the man as 17-year-old Lamel Lamont Yancy, also known as Man man,”  Fox 16 reports. He is being charged for child endangerment.

The faces in the video have been blurred out but you can see what is happening for yourself.

“Do you want to hit the blunt?” he asks the child.

Yancy then hands the child what appears to be a blunt and the child appears to put it up to his mouth.

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Fox 16 notes that the police report says “that Yancy handed the child the suspected Marijuana and the child put it in his mouth, but it was not lit.”

The second time the child takes the blunt, however, there appears to be smoke. “Hey man, that’s enough,” Yancy says to the child. You can hear the child coughing.

“The child’s mother is seen getting into the back seat while Yancy continues to smoke inside the car. The mother objected when Yancy again offered the marijuana to the child. Yancy is then heard telling the child he will smoke with him later,” KATV writes.

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