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A woman shopping at Freehold Raceway mall in Freehold, N.J., got quite a scare when black smoke billowed out of her purse on Sunday, according to

YouTube video shows Mara McInerney paying at a register inside a Sunglasses Hut when her vape battery inside her purse blows up. You can then see the cashier and another bystander run away from the scene as McInerney throws her purse to the ground and empties it out.

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“First thing I heard was the bang, there was an explosion,” McInerney told PIX 11. “Second thing, smoke in my face. And then before I knew it, my bag was flames.”

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According to WABC, McInerney had an extra battery for her device that was loose in her bag.

Unfortunately, all of her belongings inside her bag were damaged by the flames.


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