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Tonka spent 153 days waiting to be adopted.

The Staffordshire Terrier mix’s previous owner was homeless. They decided to give her a new life and handed her over the Sacramento SPCA (SSPCA) in March. Even though Tonka was a sweet girl, she had trouble finding a new family.

Tonka was 9 years old, barked a lot in her kennel and is part pit bull.

The SSPCA showed her off on Facebook and the local news without any success, so they decided to try one last thing.

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It’s customary have portraits commissioned for the dogs who take longer to be adopted, so Tonka got one.

The Dodo/Sacramento SPCA
The Dodo/Sacramento SPCA

The SSPCA also documented her day out on the town, which included touring historic Sacramento, a trip to the groomers and even a Starbucks Puppaccino.

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A family came into the shelter the next day and decided that Tonka would be perfect for them. They posed with Tonka and her portrait just before leaving:

The Dodo/Sacramento SPCA
The Dodo/Sacramento SPCA

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