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Top 7 future filibuster hashtags

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In a highly controversial and dramatic move, Texas freshman Senator Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor to launch a non-filibuster — since he technically can’t do that — where he planned to talk for as long as he could.

When Sen. Rand Paul launched a filibuster against the use of drones last spring, the hash tag #standwithrand went viral.

This time around, people are trying to get #standwithted to catch on, but it doesn’t seem to have the same ring. Other hashtags people on Twitter are using include #tedtalks , #cruzcontrol and #cruzon.

Here are a list of the top ten potential Senate filibuster hashtags of other senators:

#Patatthebat –

for Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) filibuster to protect R&D funding for baseball bats


#WeekendwithBernie –

for Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) weekend-long filibuster over something about maple syrup

Bernard Sanders

Also, this:

#Warrenpeace –

for Elizabeth Warren’s (D- Mass.) inevitable filibuster over not going to war

Elizabeth Warren, Deval Patrick


for when Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) filibusters to make people care about his home state of Rhode Island


#Sherrodforrest –

for when Sherrod Brown from Ohio makes his case about trees, or something


#CallmeAl –

Al Franken makes his case to change the national anthem to Paul Simon’s “Call me Al”

#RadwithThad –

Mississippi’s Thad Cochran makes the case why every Friday should be a national day of partying

Thad Cochran


(Here’s to all the rad dudes out there)

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