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Days before the release of his new book, “Based on a True Story,” comedian Norm Macdonald had a tragedy occur in his California home.

According to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, Michael Huettner, a longtime friend of Macdonald’s son Dylan, died at the Macdonald housee of a suspected drug overdose.

“We’re told the operating theory that he died from an overdose is based on the scene, and also because the family told investigators Huettner had previous issues with oxycodone. We’re told several bottles, with pills legally prescribed to Macdonald, were also found,” TMZ reports.

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Police say that Huettner’s girlfriend alerted his parents to his whereabouts, and they discovered his body surrounded by various drug paraphernalia in a bed in the home.

A public Facebook page for Michael Huettner shows that he attended the University of South California. The young man’s cover photo is a snap of him and the younger Macdonald.

TMZ reports that Dylan and Norm Macdonald are both cooperating with investigators in any way they can.

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