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US freestyle skier rescues puppies from the streets of Sochi


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U.S. skier Gus Kenworthy may have won a silver medal in slopestyle, but has proven he has a heart of gold.

Before the Olympics opened, it came to light that stray dogs in Sochi were being killed to make the city appear cleaner. After an outcry from animal lovers and volunteers working to smuggle dogs out of the city, city administrators announced they would shelter the dogs.

Unfortunately, it seems that most people (me included) are pretty skeptical the dogs will live much past the closing ceremonies. Kenworth is working to make a real difference.

He found a mother and four puppies wandering the streets of the Olympic Village and is doing his best to bring them home. He plans to keep one of the dogs and his family members have called dibs on the rest.

He also tweeted some seriously adorable pictures of the dogs and let the public know that heʼs found kennels for them and lined up vaccinations so that they are ready to come back to the United States with him after the Olympics.

Is that just the sweetest thing youʼve ever heard?


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