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Anticipation has been running high for Miranda Lambert’s new album, and now we know some key details about the project.

In a mysterious video posted on Sept. 13, Miranda is seen sitting inside her beloved Airstream, Wanda. As the camera pans in closer to her, you can see she’s writing something on a pad.

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Then we see what she’s writing — “The Weight of These Wings. November 18.”

As you might have guessed, and we’ve confirmed at Rare Country, that is the title and release date of the new project. We’ve been listening to that music playing underneath the video over and over again. It sounds pretty gritty and raw, and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the track.

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Of course, Miranda’s new music will include references to the breakup of her marriage to Blake Shelton last year. That title, “The Weight of These Wings,” seems to allude to Miranda’s life adjusting to being a single woman.

The project’s provocative first single, “Vice,” has already made a splash with its lyrics about a woman struggling with her weaknesses — men, whiskey and good country music. We’re sure the rest of Miranda’s new album will be just as rich.

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