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JP Sears has made a name for himself with his videos that destroy extreme views of certain lifestyles.

His video “If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans” went viral thanks to his deadpan takedown of vegans who try to push their views on meat eaters.

In this video, he once again skewers people that take themselves and their lifestyle a little too seriously as he fashions himself as an Instagram yoga guru.

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During the “photo shoot” for his Instagram account,  Sears, as an Instagram yoga model, shares his thoughts on how important his yoga pictures are to the world.

“Am I willing to put my life at risk by going to the top of a 150 foot tall, unstable cliff to get a shot of me doing salutation seal? Yes, I am. Some would say that I put the world at risk if I don’t get this shot,” he said to the camera.

He also says that nature is “mundane” and “incomplete” without him; that’s why he needs to intermingle with its landscape to create a “miraculous spectacle.”

This guy is too much!

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