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If you have been following Blake Shelton’s life and career for any amount of time, you know darn well that the guy is a charmer. Whether it’s those eyes, his towering height or the way his every word seems to blend into the next, let’s just say we know why Gwen Stefani fell in love with the Oklahoma cutie.

And now, it looks like this charm just might get him a few of his team members on the upcoming season of “The Voice.”

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In a new preview, all of “The Voice” coaches weighed in on just what they bring to the table. But, it’s what Blake brings that makes us all smirk a little bit.

Blake Shelton is “the charmer.”

“I feel a little bit of magic, ya know,” Blake is shown telling a contestant with those eyes that have hypnotized so many country music fans beforehand.

“I haven’t seen that kind of charm all day,” laughed fellow coach Alicia Keys, “All of a sudden, he got all Southern!”

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“I told ya it was coming,” added fellow coach Adam Levine. “Look at those country ass dimples.”

“I’m back,” concluded Blake. “I’m back to win it all again.”

And we believe ya, Blake.

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