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Carrie Underwood has something that most every woman aspires to have. Besides killer legs, a great husband and a precious baby, she has a cool grace that makes her seem capable of rolling with any flow and adeptly handling any situation.

Until TV show host Ellen DeGeneres throws her a curve ball.

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Carrie appeared on the popular talk show on Sept. 15, and Ellen reminded her that she had cataloged 10 appearances on the show since her first, which Carrie remembered was right after her “American Idol” win. Ellen then flashed a photo of the pair from that appearance and boy did the two of them look entirely different. But seeing how much she’s changed and gotten even better isn’t what rattled Carrie.

Ellen remarked that she should have a gift to commemorate the country superstar’s 10th appearance, and Carrie even seemed to get a little excited about the prospect. She must have forgotten that the talk show host is known for surprising guests with an unexpected person sneaking up on them or popping out of an unexpected place. So, of course, the table next to Carrie exploded with a hockey player bursting out, and she absolutely lost it! The best part for us is that the mysterious hockey player was dressed exactly as Carrie’s husband, Nashville Predators captain Mike Fisher.

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Carrie had a good laugh out of it, and so did we, but she was still the epitome of grace.

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