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With huge, rocking songs like “Lights Come On” and “She’s Country,” it’s easy to forget Jason Aldean can sing the hell out of a sad country song. He’s here to remind us all about that talent on his new single, “A Little More Summertime,” as well as another brand-new song, “This Plane Don’t Go There.” He’s been performing the song on his tours for the last few weeks.

In this exclusive clip with Jason, he explains why “This Plane Don’t Go There” was a no-brainer for him to include on his latest album, “They Don’t Know.” The regretful track was written by hit songwriters Lee Thomas Miller, Tom Shapiro and Neil Thrasher.

It’s all part of a musical balance that has made Jason so successful over the years.

He explains, “I think country music, that’s what it was built on is songs like that, so I love being able to do that, and also showing people, ‘Hey, we like to go out and turn it up to 10 and have fun and get loud, but don’t forget when it comes down to it, I can actually sing, too. Check this out.'”

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All kidding aside, Jason absolutely loves singing about lost love and heartache even though he’s happily married to his wife, Brittany.

He says, “I look at it like being an actor, man. You can put yourself in that spot for a few minutes or whatever you’ve gotta do to go do your thing. I think anybody has probably experienced some kind of deal like that in some point in their lifetime, and you can relate to those things. It doesn’t necessarily have to be how you feel now or whatever.”

In a way, Jason’s concerts are kind of like a play, where he’s performing different parts based on the mood and subject of his songs.

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“I think it’s just a matter of getting in character for the song,” Jason explains. “It’s the same thing onstage every night. Sort of putting yourself in that spot so you can sing it with a little more conviction and people can believe it a little more.”

Jason tackles just about every emotion on his new album, “They Don’t Know,” available now.

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