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This guy’s dog just got a new roommate.

Matthew Woodworth, a YouTube personality also known as Woodysgamertag, put his foot in his mouth, while recalling a story on the “Painkiller Already” podcast, which has gone viral.

In the video, Woodworth tells a story about chili made by his wife that he disliked. He goes into detail about how he never enjoyed the chili and was very happy when one day it almost made him sick.

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“It’s not that I had to vomit, it’s that I could have,” described Woodworth.

He then goes into detail about how poor the chili’s quality is, how he’s so happy he never has to eat it again, and while he bemoans the new process of trying to determine if it actually was the chili, his wife walks into the frame of his camera and taps his shoulder.

“Tell them what else you ate,” she tells Woodworth, and he recoils in fear, saying he wants to tell the story his way, and then she repeats her request, louder, while his friends ask him to blink if he’s in trouble.

He then revealed that he had eaten a lot of pickles and drank pickle juice before he ate the chili, while he blinked rapidly.

“Is it hot in here? It’s really hot in here,” said Woodworth.

Hot, indeed.

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