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Please, do not try this at home.

In the Georgia-Missouri college football game, there was a spectacular touchdown towards the end of the game that allowed the University of Georgia Bulldogs to eke out a 1 point victory against the University of Missouri Tigers. Many fans were excited or disappointed by this result, but none were quite so excited as one of Jeffrey Moore’s friends.

In a video shared to Twitter, Moore recorded a Bulldogs superfan’s reaction to the touchdown that won the game.

In the video, the fan throws a cooler, jumps around his house (which features heavy Bulldogs decoration) and then busts through a glass window, all while screaming in joy over the touchdown thrown by Isaiah McKenzie.

In follow up tweets when others wondered if the video was faked, Moore defended his friend and showed pictures of him in the hospital dealing with a particularly large gash, calling his friend “just that dumb”.

This fan has shown that he bleeds (for) black and red.

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