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When a country superstar is up onstage, often times he might find himself in his own world, simply going through the motions of a set list that rarely changes throughout the span of a concert tour.

Tim McGraw has never been one of those country superstars.

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Tim has long been one of those artists that always seems to be scanning the crowd right underneath him, looking for emotion and little fans, and even looking for fans causing trouble.

“Let me tell you something,” Tim yelled out during a 2014 tour stop during his wildly popular Sundown Heaven Town Tour. “If you stupid son of a b***hes don’t stop trying to fight. Don’t be an idiot. You’ve got a kid right here. C’mon! I don’t care if that’s your girl. There’s a kid right here. If you’re a good man then don’t be an idiot. It’s country music man. We are having fun. We all paid good money. We all work hard. Just enjoy yourself. “

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Once the fans start coming back together, Tim gives the guys some kudos. “Now that’s more like it,” he continues. “Shake hands and apologize, and let’s have a good time. I love my job.”

And that little girl? Well, she might have been the luckiest fan in the crowd.

“Come here sweetheart – sit by me,” Tim said as he began to sing once again.

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