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Here’s something you never want to find crawling all over a motorized cart: bed bugs.

Jose Avalos was with his wife at a Walmart in Phoenix, Ariz., when he claims he found bed bugs in the seat of the motorized cart he chose. He said he decided to use the cart after being in pain, then started to feel itchy, according to Fox 29.

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“I thought it was just part of the rubber from the seat and I was like, you know what, it is a small itch,” Avalos told the station. “Ten minutes later, the itch got much worse. So I thought, you know what, I need to check what is on the seat.”

Lupita Cruz, his wife, posted photos and video of the creepy crawlers to Facebook.

According to Fox 29, Walmart removed the cart from the store after Avalos told them about the incident. He also went to a doctor for his bites.

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“It was bite after bite after bite,” Avalos told the station.

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