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What the fine print in Obamacare really says and why raising debt ceiling could lead to more economic problems

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Another hidden provision for Obamacare — surprised? In order to be eligible for the employer mandate delay just discussed yesterday, employers may not reduce the size of their workforce or the overall hours of his employees unless they can justify the changes to the IRS.

Obamacare is being called a “moving target” that is becoming increasingly difficult to defend. This latest provision makes economic stunting a possibility, given that the cost of firing workers, already high because of disparate impact laws, will be compounded by fear of the IRS, a government-run entity that already has blood on its hands.

But then there is the no-strings-attached raising of the debt ceiling that passed through the House on Tuesday. This bill gives the Obama Administration a brand new credit to max out as it pleases. You can get more details on that below:

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