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You may now add fashion designer to the long list of titles under comedienne and actress Whoopi Goldberg’s belt. The moderator of ABC’s “The View” has designed a line of holiday sweaters for Lord & Taylor. But don’t you dare call them “ugly Christmas sweaters.”

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“Mine don’t really fall into the category of ugly,” Goldberg told PeopleStyle. “They’re just fun. They’re different.”

The carefully crafted nine-piece collection features designs that depict family, fun, love, and Hanukkah.

“There’s a family where everybody looks kind of the same except one person,” Goldberg said. “And nobody really cares because it’s family and it’s the holidays, and who could be upset about that? So it’s really all about love and family and being good. It’s really about love.”

"All Together Now" (via PR Newswire)
“All Together Now” (via PR Newswire)

“We have a sweater that looks like a Christmas tree skirt –it’s kind of fantastic– and it says ‘Happy Holidays’ on it. It’s a reminder that regardless of what we all believe in, the holidays are for everybody.”

"Santa Love" (via PR Newswire)
“Santa Love” (via PR Newswire)

The funny lady is often credited for her unique sense of style, which can be seen on “The View.” Sometimes, if you blink, you’ll miss it, as that style is often displayed on her feet. Goldberg is known for wearing some interesting shoes, which she often shows off on Instagram.

My new shoes by noel hagman

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The Devil May Wear Prada, but I wea the Devil! #whoopissole #whoppigoldberg #theview

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Have an awesome day! #TUK #solestruck #shoes #shoeview #shoefetish

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Today's shoes by @zombiepeepshow #zombiepeepshow #whoopi #whoopigoldberg #shoes #funshoes

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#starwars #Shoes by @irregularchoice #whoopi #whoopigoldberg

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Here are my wedges from today's show. Have a great night!

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These are my shoes from today's show. They are from @irregularchoice Have a great day!!

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The sweaters will be available starting Nov. 1 and will sell for $139 each. Goldberg hopes to release more holiday sweaters next year and even expand to eyeglasses and socks. And she’ll likely have more free time, as this season is expected to be her last on “The View.”

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