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From the looks of Gwen Stefani’s social pages, she’s made it out to every show of Blake Shelton’s fall run, which includes RaeLynn as the opening act. We’ve seen photos on Twitter of Gwen and Blake’s sister Endy hanging out backstage, and we’ve seen videos on Instagram, so it feels like we were right there with them along the way.

But now, it looks like Gwen has added a new social media outlet to her repertoire — Periscope.

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And, over the course of the weekend, she took us to almost an entire Blake Shelton concert via Periscope! We stood behind the curtain of Blake’s meet & greet, and we walked from the green room area up to the backstage where she hung out with RaeLynn, Blake’s record reps and a variety of other industry VIPs. She randomly turned the camera to her fella up onstage, but then she flipped it back around where we got to watch as she attempted to learn the ins-and-outs of the new platform.

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And as if it wasn’t cute enough to see how smitten she is with Blake, watching her figure out how to draw hearts on the screen and giggling with her gal pals is just about precious enough to break the internet. You hear it all the time that these superstars are just like the rest of us and Gwen drives that point home as she smiles, laughs and stares at the screen quizzically and fawns over her fella.

She just so happens to look like a gazillion bucks while she does it.

Check her out on Periscope and also on – that one is awesome, too!

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